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Helpful Stuff From Real People

2013 has been a tough year for many financially and for many the next 12 months are still looking difficult. There is a lot of advice to help people to deal with debt and reduce their outgoings but the most helpful are often the individual stories and chat from people writing blogs on low cost living.

These are real stories by real, ordinary people who are regularly trying to deal with spending less. They get inspired and pass on their ideas and successes. They have bad days and make mistakes and are good enough to share those too – it shows that when things go wrong no one is alone – and no one is perfect!

Not only are they helpful but they can be positively joyful – showing frugality is not all about misery, but about making the best of everything! There can be fun and a lot of satisfaction to be had in getting rid of debt, living within a budget and getting stuff for free or very little. Have a peek at the blogs below and decide which you like.

If you are impressed – leave a comment or drop them and email. I would also love it if you recommend your favourites in the comments on this page – and also let me know if you think I have missed a great frugal website.

1. The Frugal Queen

frugal-queen-storyThe Frugal Queen shares her journey out of debt – and gives down to earth, no nonsense advice as to how you can do the same.

She is so serious about low cost living that she makes it fun – and inspirational. She writes most days so there is always something to inspire and inform you.

And reducing spend has not been Jane’s only life goal. She has openly shared her goals about losing weight and getting fitter – join her if you have similar goals for 2014!

She also has a regular radio slot on BBC Radio Cornwall on a Sunday – check out her blog for when she is next appearing. She regulalry gets commendations from her readrs such as:-

I love your blog I find it so inspirational I am always thinking about saving money and your ideas are brilliant

I think if you read her blog, you will be inspired too –

2. Eco Thrifty Living

ecothriftyIf you think low cost living might lead you to compromise your principles, Zoe Morrison of Eco Thrifty Living is here to help. Not only is the website full of ideas for reducing your outgoings, it inspires you to reduce your landfill waste and live a ‘greener’ life. It is not only your own resources that will be better utilised, but the planet’s too.

She has set a series of Eco Challanges and talks about her successes ( and setbacks) and many people have felt truly inspired both financially and by living a little lighter on the planet through her ideas.

And don’t expect anything preachy – Zoe freely admits she is imply trying to improve like so many others – and she does encourage you to join in!


pennygolightlyPenny Go Lightly is all about having fun on a limited budget. The website is full of savings when shopping, bargains and getting more for less. She has won a stunning amount of awards and is often asked to write for other publications about her approach.

It is a website to not only find inspiration – but some great bargains too – don’t head to the shops without reading her blog! Penny is also the author of some EBooks, How to Live on £10 a Week: Take the Tenner Week Challenge
full of great advice.

Vist her website at

4. The Frugal Family

free-monthly-budget-plannerWith 50 ways to save money and a free budget planner there are lots of tips about having family fun on a budget on this lively website. It is not so much about saving money, as about making the most of every moment in life with a family – so this is about maximising what you have but not austerity!

This blog is about finding maximum fun for little or no money and it is certainly not about being perfect. Gingerbread biscuits are burnt around the edges – but who cares! That’s real life in the kitchen! I think budget conscious parents will love this site! Read more at

5. Help Me To Save

helpmetosaveHelp Me to Save does exactly what it says on the tin (well – website) There are posts about savings and bank accounts, loyalty cards and pensions. There are helpful hints on how to make more money too.

Karen also blogs about getting things cheaper from shops and where to find the best bargains. She does regular podcasts too! She makes many good points such as this one about Tesco’s price promise

Find out more at

6. A Girl Called Jack

Award winning blogger and a Telegraph Briton of the Year, this blog is by a single Mother who started to write about feeding herself and her son on just £10 a week. Not only is the website full of really low cost recipes, Jack Monroe campaigns and raises awareness of issues areound poverty and campaigned for a debate in Parliament about the rise of Food Banks.

If you want to know what poverty is really like for some read Hunger Hurts – it will make you pause for thought – or understanding

Look out for her printed recipe book available from February but meanwhile vist her website –


This innovative website is all about getting the best deal – and finding ways to save money – and earn more! It has guides as to shopping for insurance, broadband and mobile phones. It includes a guide on slashing your grocery bill too!

There is a list of available vouchers and discounts from many high street stores. Always worth a visit before you head out to buy something!

In addition the blog has lots of inspiration such as making money from online photography and some interesting financial related news stories. Worth dipping into frequently to find out what is new –

8. Miss Thrifty

miss-thriftyMiss Thrifty is all about savvy shoppping and making the most of your resources. Miss Thrifty doesn’t like to pay full price for anything – and she shares how she does it so you can do the same. From haggling to vouchers and the latest discount news this is a blog worth keeping an eye on. Plus it was recently one of the Sunday Times ‘Top Websites To Save You Money

The blog is honest and real. Miss Thrifty realtes her story of getting into and out of debt that will move and surprise you! This is heartwarming stuff and a real inspiration

Find out more at

Which is your favourite frugal living blog?

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