9 Friday Night Supper Ideas

Friday Night Supper

Cooking Teas And Lights Out 009 stock photo by www.pixmac.comFriday Night – Too Tired To Cook

We all know how it goes. It is Friday night, you have had a hard week and you are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the fact that you don’t have to go to work the next day. So it might be a DVD, some good television, a book a night at the pub with friends or curling up with your favourite pet!

You probably fancy something nice to eat but the effort of cooking just doesn’t seem attractive. This is when the temptation to eat out or get a takeaway is probably at its highest. But if you are on a budget you can easily blow a whole week’s food spending on one meal if you eat out and only a little less if you get a takeaway.

Takeaway Temptation

When you are hungry and tired you might decide to blow caution to the wind but you may wake up the next day with an empty wallet and a head full of regret!

So I asked my followers on Facebook what they did on a Friday night to see what other people do on a Friday night. It turns out some people see it as an opprtunity for clearing out the fridge of leftovers and making a serendipity meal. More organised folk have already made plans for an easy Friday night and others opt for the easy recipe.

And don’t worry – no-one os perfect – everyone goes for the takeaway every now and then – after all a treat once ina while is always welcome!

So Here Are Some Friday Night Supper Ideas

1. Plan A Homemade Dish from the Freezer. During the week – make twice as much as you need for one or two meals and place the excess in a container in the freezer. This is great for curries, chillies and stews which can be reheated in a casserole in the oven (minimum effort) and is filling, tasty and comforting (which is what you ususally need on a Friday night.)

2. Use What You Have in the Fridge. Scoop up what you have left over in the fridge – cheese, cooked meat or fish, sad vegetables. Fry up vegetables, meat or fish then make a sauce with a tin of tomatoes and herbs or cheese. Serve with pasta or rice.

3. Beans and Eggs. How often do we have simple meals? A simple plate of fried or scrambled egg, some bacon and some tinned beans make a perfect Friday night supper and takes just minutes to prepare. Add some homemade chutney, some cheese and a slice or two of bread.

4. Baked Potatoes – All you need to do is put them in the oven and they cook themselves – it’s natures ready meal! Grate some cheese, have some leftover cooked meat and / or beans Add a dollop of homemade chutney to make it extra special and use up any last bits of salad or coleslaw!

5. Simple Pasta Dishes Pasta with vegetables or a tomato and herb sauce are easy meals for a Friday night – filling and quick.

6. Choose from the selection of options in What To Cook When You Don’t Know What To Cook!

7. Get A Bargain Supermarket Takeaway. When you go supermarket shopping, look out for fresh pizzas or boxed takeaway curries or chinese sets in the reduced aisle becuase they are near their use by date date. They freeze well so you can pop them in the freezer ready for a Friday.

8. Pizza Bases at the Ready. Next time you make some pizza dough, make twice as much as you need. Shape the dough into rounds ready for the oven and freeze uncooked with grease proof paper in between. You then have your pizza base ready to load and place in the oven!

9. giovanniGet A Good Simple Ready Meal. Although I am not much of a fan of ready meals there are times when a good freshly made ready meal can be just what you need! And inexpensive.

I recently tried Giovanni Rana pasta parcels that only need 4 minutes cooking. Just put them in a large pan of boiling water and be careful not to overcook them.

They are very tasty and you can serve them with a tomato sauce and a bit of grated cheese for a tasty and very quick supper.

Add some olives and serve with garlic bread to really push the boat out!

Do share your favourite friday night dinner recipes – for an easy and relaxing Friday night!

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