1. Anonymous says

    Hi – Any chance you can let me know the publishing year or even edition for the Mary Berry’s Complete Cook Book? Been searching for it!

  2. Helen Graham says

    I see your copy of Cranks is a well-used as mine. The recipes I use all the time from it are the lentil and cheese bake, and the nutroast. I also love the devon apple cake when I want a naughty pudding. I tend to use oats instead of breadcrumbs in the lentil bake, and make all kinds of alterations to the nutroast depending on what I have in stock.

  3. Nikkie says

    Hi Penny. I used to love that Cranks book and will get it out again now! The Cranks Bible is great too, with lots of little tips around the recipes. The Riverford Book has a gorgeous and really easy apple tart recipe in it that I use loads. My new favourite cookbook is the River Cottage everyday Veg book which has completely transformed my approach to salads, is easy to follow and always offering alternative suggestions.

    • penny says

      Let me know what other recipes you revisit from the Cranks book! And do share your salad ideas – now that the summer is here…..

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