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Porridge – Best For Breakfast

The Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) identified in 2007 that the breakfast cereals market had grown by less than 2% but the porridge market had gone up by 19% – quite a significant increase! Porridge it appears is growing in popularity. There has certainly been an increase of instant, pre-measured and ready flavoured porridge products on the market.

Porridge – A Traditional Breakfast

Porridge has been around probably since medieval times and, at least in Scotland, is steeped in tradition. It does matter to some, which direction you stir your porridge in (clockwise) and to eat the porridge standing up!

It has also been a tradition in the past to pour the porridge into a ‘porridge drawer’ where it sets. A slice can then be taken when required.

There is little doubt that porridge gives you a warming, nutritious start to the day that will keep you going until lunchtime!

There is also disagreement about which is the correct recipe. Should it be made with jumbo oats, rolled oats, or oatmeal? Do you make porridge with milk or water, sugar or salt or may be even honey? Should you even add a tot of whiskey!! Of course the real answer is that you can make it exactly as you like it.

A Healthy Breakfast

However you like your porridge, there seems to be little argument over the health benefits. Porridge oats are a ‘slow-release’ food meaning that porridge is the perfect breakfast to keep you fueled until lunchtime. It is great for dieters or those who have an active jobs, since it tends to keep you full up until lunchtime. It will help dieters to resist snacking because it should keep hunger pangs at bay until noon. It provides energy throughout the morning to the active worker.

High in both fibre and protein it has been proven to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Of course if you are seeking health advice, you need to consult your doctor or a dietician. You can add to the health benefits by adding berries or dried fruit to your morning porridge.

Making Perfect Porridge

Making porridge is really easy and, in my opinion, there is no need to buy pre-packaged sachets. They are much more expensive weight for weight and are really no easier, once you have learned the correct measurement in order to make the perfect porridge.

Just buy a pack of porridge oats and measure out the quantities yourself. Find a cup or other receptacle that will hold the required amount of porridge oats. The liquid required will be roughly three times the volume of this. Once you have this, you can make your porridge in exactly the same way that these packages instruct.

Not only are the sachets of oats more expensive but there is considerably more packaging involved, to be recycled.

Microwave Or Hob?

The simplest method is probably in the microwave as you can put the oats and milk (or water) in the bowl that you are going to eat from. Do remember to loosely cover the bowl with something just in case your porridge overheats. Exploded porridge all over the inside of the microwave oven is not a pleasant thing to clean off!! Keep an eye on it and do stop and stir it half way through to ensure an even distribution of heat. With a little experimenting you will get the timing just right for your microwave oven.

However some purists will say that the only proper way to cook it is on the hob. Although this results in a tasty breakfast, getting porridge stuck to the bottom of the pan is no laughing matter so it is important to heat gently and slowly, whilst stirring all the time, with a wooden spoon, to prevent the porridge burning and sticking to the bottom. The cooking time will vary depending on the consistency you like, and the size of the porridge oats you use. It should be around 10 minutes.

Do fill the used pan with cold water and a little washing up liquid as soon as you have served it into the bowl. This keeps the residue moist and helps to prevent it setting hard. In fact it is the avoidance of the pan washing that turns many porridge breakfasters to the microwave! With good stirring and and an immediate soaking, the pan washing up shouldn’t be too much of a trial!

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